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While the task of installing audio products in today’s hi-tech vehicles can be daunting to say the least, Rockford has developed a variety of vehicle integration products that make the job a little easier. If you are trying to simply integrate an amplifier to drive that new Rockford woofer, we offer a number of signal converters and line driver devices to get the right signal to your amp. If you’re taking your system to that next level and really want to dial it in, then you need to look at our 3Sixty.3 signal processor. With its input and output flexibility and processing capabilities, the 3Sixty.3 processor can take your audio system from pretty good to concert-worthy in no time.

Now, advanced tuning is easy with the DSR1 all-in-one digital sound processor. The DSR1 allows you to upgrade to aftermarket components while integrating your factory systems like steering controls, voice commands, hands-free phone, and satellite radio. Fine-tuning is also made easy with the Perfect-Tune App, which allows tuning to be done all on your mobile device.



This PBR400X4D Punch 4-channel amp packs plenty of power in its compact class-d design. Utilizing Rockford’s C.L.E.A.N. technology, maximizing your sound is made easy. The small footprint of this amplifier allows for installation almost anywhere.



The 3Sixty.3 interactive audio signal processor is the perfect solution for those customers who want to add aftermarket equipment to their factory source unit, integrate their mobile devices, or have complete control over their car audio signal. With features like Bluetooth streaming, selectable crossover types and a USB interface, the versatility is endless.



Designed to meet your demanding audio needs when space is at a premium. Created for vehicles that have limited space or charging systems, like electric vehicles, the Punch PBR300X2 amp efficiency gives you the output you still require.



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